Best Electric Broom Reviews

Best Electric Broom – Buyer’s Guide 2017

With all the different choices available in the market right now, it can be very challenging to find the best electric broom reviews that will tell you the truth. Many of you will probably feel baffled during the search process. To make things easier for you, there are a few considerations that you have to remember when you go shopping for an electric broom.


One of the very first things you need to check when it comes to electric brooms is none other than the size. It is said that heavier and larger brooms tend to be noisier. It means that heftier units come with a powerful motor engine to help you in cleaning more surface areas. The electric broom’s size may also pertain to the dimensions of its head. It is advisable to select a portable and small electric broom that will not occupy too much room in your house even if you forgot to put it away.

Cordless or Corded

Electric brooms can be powered either with an internal battery or a cord. Some of you might assume that cordless electric brooms are the perfect option. This is true if you like to remove a spill or a few kibbles that were thrown out of your pet’s bowl. But, many of the units you can find today feature batteries which can last for only around 30 to 40 minutes. The corded alternative will let you use it for as long as you want.

Ease of Use

An electric broom is obviously much easier to maneuver compared to a vacuum cleaner. Since these units don’t have large heads, a few of these can swivel to let you clean surfaces under your carpet or furniture with no need for you to stop to remove any objects. No matter how easy it is to operate these units, it will be better if you pay attention to furniture margins when you sweep so that you will not end up scratching them.


Many of the usual accessories which come with an electric broom include a dust brush, a hose, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool. Depending on the things and areas that you plan to clean with your unit, you might want to buy these attachments separately, or you can also pick a package that already includes them.

Brand Recognition and Price

There is a myriad of electric brooms out there that come in affordable prices. It is all up to you and the budget you are willing to spend on these units. As for the maker, whether you believe it or not, the product brand is also important. It doesn’t mean that you have to choose only a high end brand but it will be a wise idea if you go for one that is based in the place where you live. This is to ensure that you can return the product or ask for a refund easily if it fails to give the kind of performance you expect from it.

5 smartphones with laser autofocus

Laser autofocus is a kind of technology that functions based on a receiver and laser transmitter. The sensor in the camera produces an infrared laser. The laser is then directed to the object you want to capture a photo of, and returns towards the camera. The receiver then records the amount of time it has taken the laser to come back. The autofocus system which is found on the latest cameras is fairly reliable. This is because it allows users to easily lock focus. Below are 5 Android smartphones with laser autofocus.


LG G3 laser autofocus

It is the leading smartphone which comprises a laser autofocus feature. Some of its features include:

  • 32 GB internal memory.
  • A 13 MP camera that comprises optical image optimization.
  • A 5.5 inch screen of HD Quad resolution.
  • A 3,000 mAh battery.
  • A snapdragon processor with a 3GB RAM combined 801.



According to researchers, the LG G4 smartphone is also among phones with exceptional focus today. In general, its design offers users a neat feeling. Some features include:

  • Well-designed larger screen.
  • More advanced hardware.
  • 16 MP rear Camera.
  • Faster processor.
  • 8MP sensor that adds color.

LG G4 Beat

LG G4 Beat

Generally, the LG G4 Beat is viewed as the shortened version of the LG G4. Some of its features include:

  • A 615 Snapdragon processor.
  • A 5.2 inch screen with full HD screen resolution.
  • A 1.5 GB RAM.
  • 8 GB of internal memory.
  • A 2,300 mAh battery.

Huawei Nexus 6P

Huawei Nexus 6P

The Nexus 6P is the outcome of the collaboration between Huawei and Google. Some of its features include:

  • A 3GB RAM.
  • A 5.7 inch wide screen.
  • A comfortable aluminum casing.
  • It is also configured for optimizing Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
  • WQHD resolution comprising AMOLED technology from Samsung.
  • A 12.3 MP camera.
  • Supports NFC connectivity and sensor pattern Hand.

LG Nexus 5X

LG Nexus 5X

The Nexus 5X is an advanced gadget of Nexus 5. It received a lot commendation in the year 2013. The gadgets are produced by LG and comprise the most recent hardware features. Some of these features are:

  • A 12.3MP camera.
  • A 5.2 inch full HD screen resolution.
  • Android Marshmallow 6.0.
  • An 808 Snapdragon processor.
  • A 5MP camera selfie.
  • The most recent fingerprint sensor.

Everything usually has two sides. This also applies to autofocus. The only disadvantage of this system is the quite weak laser. That is why it is advisable that you ensure that the object is close enough hence making it reachable for the laser. Therefore, this technology would not be useful when capturing a huge landscape with the sea, clouds or the mountains. However, the latest autofocus laser camera regularly comes with contrast autofocus that helps whenever the laser one can’t.

Electric Toothbrush Are Fantastic For Every person

An Electric Toothbrush is an appliance that’s used as a toothbrush simply just like the name suggests. This toothbrush uses electric power to clean the teeth. The standard method of cleaning the teeth will be very tiring since for most folks it is the primary issue that they are doing in the morning.

An electrical toothbrush makes use of the electric power so as to move the brush head in the standard oscillating pattern, which is how any reasonable person would move their brush manually. Those toothbrushes are usually referred to as rotary toothbrush because of their moving and cleaning habits. Also you may know that electric toothbrushes with receding gums is really helpful.

This electrical device does not solely cater to lazy and sluggish individuals, however, it can be very profitable for people who don’t have abundant time. An electrical toothbrush gives the option of doing one thing else, simultaneously. The same old process of brushing the teeth will be terribly boring and monotonous, with the electric toothbrush your will begin your morning with an exciting and spirited process and this brings a brand new zeal to live. This extraordinary device provides you a shining smile, with twinkling white teeth.

The electronic components in the majority of the electric toothbrushes are completely sealed so as to prevent it from any quite water damage. This product is employed with water, keeping this in mind the correct construction and designing were done to forestall any water related damage. An electric toothbrush has no external metal contacts.

Those toothbrushes want to be charged as they use electric power to run. They can be charged using a technique referred to as inductive charging. Within the brush unit there is one 0.5 of a transformer, and within the charge-unit the other abstracted half of the transformer is present. When both of those units of a transformer are brought together, a varying magnetic field in one coil induces the electric current in the opposite coil, that in turn allows the battery to charge.

This appliance desires to be indicted in an exceedingly precise manner therefore that it will offer a high-quality performance. Many alternative electrical toothbrushes run on replaceable batteries and disposable or rechargeable batteries that erase the power charging process. These cells are stored in the underside, in general, that makes those devices much a lot of thicker than a traditional toothbrush.

How To Select A Suitable Electric Toothbrush

Check With Your Dentist!

There are some things which you ought to find out before buying your electronic toothbrush – e.g.: How healthy are your gums? Which type of electric toothbrush heads is suitable for you? What functions should your toothbrush come equipped with?

Set Your Budget

Some electronic toothbrushes can be bought for a reasonably inexpensive price. Just bear in mind that the traditional saying that “you get what you pay for” hold true here. Broadly speaking, a good electric toothbrush for a grownup may range anywhere from eighty to one hundred fifty dollars. Should it be a kid’s electric toothbrush which you’re looking for, you may find it for a lot cheaper.

Decide On the Type of Electric Toothbrush Head

Oral-B toothbrush heads

Once you know the cost range and in what situation your gum’s health are, you can make a choice on the type of electric toothbrush head to go for. For instance, in the event, your gums can’t accommodate firm bristles, make it a point that you get brush heads with more delicate bristles. There are many brands of electric toothbrush heads and the costs vary too. This may, in turn, have an impact on your decision in choosing a suitable type.

Research On The Various Electronic Toothbrush

One way to do this is to take a look at some of the reviews that the general public has already done by visiting some of the modern dental care forums and websites. Most of the time, the people who’ve commented on such forums have already done all the necessary homework for you, and all you need to do is to make a comparison and determine what works or don’t work for you and which will give you a better bang for your buck.

When you are looking for the perfect electric toothbrush, take into consideration that most vibrating toothbrushes work the same. The differences lay in its ability to charge, stay charged and last. A good quality brush will last a long time, where a cheaper one maybe just a few months.

People love using electric toothbrushes because their teeth feel clean after using it, unlike with a regular brush that can leave food stuck on the teeth.

How often do you use your phone in the bathroom?

Ever since times started to move faster, most of us had the need to always be in touch with people. We are always on the computer, we are always on our phones and we’re always trying to talk to someone over the phone. It is crazy, the way people need to be connected with others. It can be because of work or trying to catch up on the latest gossip or talking to your loved ones from afar. Whatever the reason is, technology has managed to cope up. It has coped up so fast that people have been using phones even in the bathroom. Yes, there are people who bring and use their phones in the place where you poop and pee.

Phones On Bathrooms? Why?

Bathroom phones can be found in high-end hotels. Ever wondered why? We all have our own silly explanations as to the importance of a bathroom phone.


Some of us think it is for emergency purposes. Some said that it is so that people can still use the phone while pooping or peeing. But, the reason has been revealed. Bathroom phones are actually a requirement for hotels to be considered AAA four diamond hotel. AAA stand for American Automobile Association. They are an association that rates hotels and restaurants using a diamond system. An AAA four diamond hotel is known as an Upscale hotel. So, if your hotel room has a bathroom phone, you’re staying at a pretty nice place.

Are You One Of Us?

But, do you know the number of people using phones in the bathroom? We have all used our phones in the bathroom. We cannot go on bladder break in the office without our phones with us. So, how many people use their phones in the bathroom? A lot. Based on a survey conducted back in 2014, 61% of people have openly admitted using their phones while in the bathroom. 44% of these people have read text messages in the bathroom while 30% answered calls while answering the call of nature. 92% have checked their social media accounts while doing the deed, which can explain the 9% of people who have dropped their phone in the toilet. What a shame.

Not Quite Fun

While bringing your phone to the bathroom might be a fun way to pass the time, it is good to understand that it might be dangerous to your health. Based on experts, since phones have become a necessity for most people, it can become a source of infection for humans. A bathroom is a known place where micro-organisms thrive. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are dirtier than a toilet seat. That’s how dirty your phone is. One way to avoid this is to wash your hands regularly and wipe your devices with alcohol.

Our phones are an important part of everyday lives. But, we need to set a limit for ourselves. We have to rest our eyes and try not to depend so much on these devices. They can make us blind with the things around us.

An Overview of Vintage Telephones

Communication never went out of style. Dialling up was always in fashion, or more appropriately, since the time Alexander Graham Bell came up with the telephone (1876). With the age of smart phones and smart watches, old style phones may seem light years behind today, but for many of us, they were an integral part of our childhood. The crackling noise of the rotary dial and the a tringing bell, brings back many a nostalgic memories of these grandfatherly telephones.

The old phones underwent a considerable evolution since they were invented.


wwphOne of the first commercially marketed phones which came about almost immediately (1877) after Bell’s telephone invention. These phones were huge. Often made of mahogany, walnut or oak, the wood wall phones or box phones (as they were commonly known) resembled a coffin. Comprised of a receiver, two bells and a battery box, they were manufactured by Western Electric and available till the world war II.


Popular in the 1890s, candlestick phones comprised a receiver held to the ear, a mouthpiece, a stem and the base. They were desk phones and a stark contrast from the wall phones. Often known as a desk stands or a pencil shaft due to their erect design, these phones were the pioneer of the rotary dial phones which dominated the world for decades. Manufactured by General Electric, Western Electric, Monarch and many others, the stick phones initially had only a button to connect to an operator and later got the rotary dials, which laid the base for the next generation phones.


From the 1930s to the 1980s, the rotary dial phones were the popular means of calling and communicating.

rotaryphonStarting with the 202s, which was the basic upgrade from the candlestick. The 202 had a much smaller stem, a broader base and the receiver and mouthpiece fused to form a somewhat a dumbelled single unit.

The 302s came about in 1936, close cousin of the last rotary dial phones, a larger base, more sleek receiver which could be handled much better than the 202.

500s were the last of the rotary dials, first manufactured in 1950s, they dominated the telephone scene through the 1980s. They underwent multiple modifications, the first ones to be available in multiple colors, ditching the staple black. Touch tone keys and dial lamps were also first seen with the 500s.


In the late 1950s and early 1960s, two phones targeting a special section of the market were launched.

Targeted at women consumers, the Princess was a prettier, delicate version of the 202 in light pastel shades. The Trimline was a higher evolved version, very compact with the dial in the handset itself and could be mounted on the wall or kept on the desk. Both phones had rotary dials which later gave way to touch tone keys.


This was the next generation phone of the 1950s and 60s which was a single handset with a dial. It is often considered the father of the modern day single handpiece phones.

A multitude of other phones came and went, but these were the basic old style phones, which reigned the market for considerable periods of time and each had its own importance in the evolution of the modern telephone.

1A2 KEY SYSTEM: versatile and reliable

Have you ever heard about 1a2 key system be it from a friend or the internet? Well, this is simply an analog key telephone system applied in homes and small business ventures. Unlike the modern systems, each telephone line connecting a particular phone is wired into the same device. The electromagnetic switches helped in selecting the line to use. This system comprises of a centrally located control unit Key Unit Service (KSU), accessories, cable and the phones.


KSU features a power supply that can be external or nearby for converting the standard 110 into alternating current (AC) to several direct current (DC) and AC voltages needed for its operation. The motorized switch on the unit provides intermittent power impulses for rhythmic ringing as well as light flashing. The unit applies a rotating camshaft that features multiple lobes for making and breaking contacts. Later on, KSU’s applied electronic interrupters instead of using the electromechanical interrupters. The architecture of this unit uses six wires connected in three pairs for all lines going to each of the telephones.
The first pair known as” tip and ring” transmits voices and dialing signals produced by the phone. The second pair labeled A and A1 help in closing the switch when you press the key to energize the line card. This in turn makes the lamps to turn on indicating that the line in question is in use. The third pair in the 1a2 phone system is labeled L and LG to denote lamp and lamp ground respectively provide power to each of the lamps of the device. Both the LG and A1 had a connection with the ground side of the unit’s power supply. This implies that it was not necessary to wire A1 and LG separately to each line.

Some devices shared a common ground wire to reduce the wires required for the connection. 1A2 phone with six buttons is the most common. One button helps in holding while the remaining five wires can apply on features, intercom and mix of lines among other purposes. In addition, there are different six button handsets featuring a key that has the ability to rotate in order to control different functions. The ten button device comes with a horizontal row of different buttons. The device can provide nine different lines using the 25 pair cables. The 20 and 30 button devices apply 50 or 75 pair cables. Initially, users of this unit connected the cables to terminal blocks next to each of the phones using screws. During small installations, you can connect all the wires using a KSU cabinet. Larger installations required several points.

Line card is the other component that made up 1a2 KSU. It has a plug in circuit board for providing it with light control as well as holding operation for a single line. The 400 card was the general family of line cards applied on the central office line. The new models had advanced circuits that made them smaller and less expensive than their predecessors. They also had additional features such as LED indicator and music on hold among others.

Phone operation

To call on 1a2 phone system, you need to select any available phone line by pressing the right un-lit button. The same button allows you to activate the speaker phones as well as picking up your handset. To place a call on hold, just press the red button. Pressing this button will also make the depressed button line to appear. Similarly, the interrupter and line card will make the lamp to flash indicating that the call is on hold. Individuals in offices can own different models of phones as well as different lines featured on them. Optional components of the device can also offers functions such as exclusive hold and I-hold. In conclusion, despite the fact that 1a2 phone system has been replaced with modern systems, their simpler and modular design offered users with versatility and reliability that very few of the modern devices can provide. This is one of the reasons why these units have been retained in certain areas such as emergency operations centers , police and fire stations just to mention a few of them. If you want to have a look at the system, simply visit these areas and have the real experience about the operation.

1A2 key systems general

There are classic cars, classic wristwatches, classic books, classic movies, and even classic postage stamps. There’s Coca-Cola Classic, a “Classic Macintosh,” an “iPod Classic,” and countless “Classic” athletic events.

A classic is an item or event that represents a major advance over what came before, and that has enduring appeal.

In telephone systems, 1A2 is the classic.

1A2 uses analog, electromechanical technology — even a MOTOR.

It was developed by Bell Labs, first manufactured by Western Electric and first offered to Bell system customers. 1A2 was licensed and copied by other manufacturers. It quickly became ubiquitous in businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, military bases, and large homes.

Although the technology has been apparently obsolete since the 1970s, and no company makes 1A2 phones anymore, thousands of 1A2 phones are still in daily use. They’re used by people, businesses and government agencies which have simply seen no need to replace them, or can’t afford to replace them.

Other people — charmed by the classic technology and ease of understanding — install, maintain and use 1A2 phone systems because they are FUN. Just as some audiophiles prefer the sound of an analog vacuum tube amplifier, 1A2 has a cult following consisting of phone geeks and other fans of not-quite-the-latest technology.

David Letterman has used a classic 6-button 1A2 phone on the desk of his TV set for years, and recently we sold the same type of phone for use on the Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres shows.

While the former makers of 1A2 equipment are no longer in that part of the telecom business, product development has not stopped. Our company offers a bright red 6-button 1A2 phone that was never available in the “olden days.”

This website is dedicated to the preservation of 1A2 phone systems, by providing information, advice and equipment.